Membership of the Society is open to all on payment of the annual subscription. The rates for membership are as follows:

Individuals (annual) Institutions (annual)
United Kingdom: £45 £60
United States: $65 $90
Other countries: £52.50 £67.50

These rates include all dispatch costs.  They entitle a member to annual volumes, annual reports, published lectures, a copy of the Society’s handbook Publications, List of Members and Rules, and other occasional distributions;  concessional rates on the Supplementary Series, on volumes published by the Ames Foundation, and on new books by other publishers from whom we obtain special offers for members.   A new member may backdate to any recent year so as to obtain all volumes from then to the current year.

If you are an institution looking to join the Society, please see our contacts page to speak directly to us.

If you are interested in joining as an individual, or renewing your membership, please select your location below.

United Kingdom United States Australia Rest of World