The Selden Society Lecture Series, 1952–2001, has been reprinted in a bound volume of over 700 pages by Hein Inc. for the Society. A short introduction and table of contents, explaining the background to the series and to some of the occasions of the lectures, has been added. Copies of this reprint can be purchased from Hein, Inc.

Price for individual lectures £9 ($18) each; inclusive to members.

Double Trouble: the Rise and Fall of the Crime of Bigamy.
Professor Rebecca Probert, University of Warwick.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2013)
ISBN 0 85423 226 0

Life Stories and Legal Histories.
Professor William Cornish, University of Cambridge.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2012)
ISBN 0 85423 225 3

The Origins of the English Parliament.
Dr. J. R. Maddicott, University of Oxford.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2011)
ISBN 0 85423 217 8

John Selden and the Norman Conquest.
Dr. George Garnett, University of Oxford.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2010)
ISBN 0 85423 216 1

Collecting English Legal Manuscripts.
Mr. Anthony Taussig.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2009)
ISBN 0 85423 223 9

The Welsh Legal Triads.
Dr. Sara Elin Roberts, University of Bangor.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2008)
ISBN 0 85423 224 6

Blackstone as Lawyer.
Wilfrid Prest, Professor of Law, University of Adelaide.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2007)
ISBN 0 85423 136 2

F.W. Maitland and the Englishness of English Law.
J. H. Hudson, Professor of Legal History, University of St Andrews.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2006)
ISBN 0 85423 220 6

Legal Education in London 1250–1850.
Sir John Baker, Dowining Professor of the Laws of England, University of Cambridge, and Fellow of University College London.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2005)
ISBN 0 85423 215 X

The Varied Life of the Self-Informing Jury.
James Oldham, St Thomas More Professor of the Law and Legal History, Georgetown University.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2004)
ISBN 0 85423 180 3

Lawyers and the State: the Varieties of Legal History.
Patrick Wormald, Student of Christ’s Church College, Oxford.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2001)
ISBN 0 85423 185 4

Common Law and Ius Commune.
David Ibbetson, Regius Professor of Civil Law, University of Cambridge.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 2001)
ISBN 0 85423 185 4

Observing and Recording the Medieval Bar and Bench at Work. The Origins of Law Reporting in England.
Dr. Paul Brand, FBA, Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 1998)
ISBN 0 85423 130 7

Victorian Law and the Industrial Spirit.
Professor A. W. B. Simpson, FBA.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 1994)
ISBN 0 85423 169 2

The Third University of England. The Inns of Court and the Common Law Tradition.
J. H. Baker, QC, FBA, Professor of English Legal History, Cambridge University, Honorary Bencher of the Inner Temple.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 1990)
ISBN 0 85423 164 1

Why the History of Canon Law is not Written.
Charles Donahue Jr., Professor of Law, Harvard Law School.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 1984.)
ISBN 0 85423 159 5

Canon Law and English Common Law.
R. H. Helmholz, Professor of Law, University of Chicago.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 1982.)
ISBN 0 85423 154 4

The Nature of Blackstone’s Achievement.
S. F. C. Milsom, FBA, Fellow of St. John’s College and Professor of English Law, Cambridge University.
(Selden Society Lecture, May 31st 1980, delivered at Pembroke College, Oxford, at the Blackstone bicentenary commemoration.)
ISBN 0 85423 105 6

English Law in the Sixteenth Century: Reform in an Age of Change.
G. R. Elton, FBA, Fellow of Clare College and Professor of English Constitutional History, Cambridge University.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 1978).
ISBN 0 85423 106 4

Hale as a Legal Historian.
D. E. C. Yale, Fellow of Christ’s College, and Reader in English Legal History, Cambridge University; of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 1976).
ISBN 0 85423 107 2

Scott v Shepherd (1773) and the Emergence of the Tort of Negligence.
M. J. Prichard, M.A., LL.B., Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 1973).
ISBN 0 85423 101 3

Inns Ancient and Modern. A Topographical and Historical Introduction to the Inns of Court, Inns of Chancery, and Serjeants’ Inns.
The Hon. Mr Justice Megarry, LL.D., FBA
(Selden Society Lecture delivered July 14, 1971, during the 94th Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association.).
ISBN 0 85423 093 9

John Selden, 1584–1654.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Fletcher, LL.D., MP, President of the Society.
(Selden Society Lecture, July 9, 1969.)
ISBN 0 85423 097 1

Magna Carta – event or document?
Helen M. Cam, CBE, LITT.D., FBA
(Selden Society Lecture. July 7, 1965.)
ISBN 0 85423 096 3

Uses and abuses of legal history: A Practitioner’s View.
Frederick Bernays Wiener of the District of Columbia Bar.
(Selden Society Lecture, March 29, 1962).
ISBN 0 85423 087 4

The Mission of the Selden Society.
Sir Cecil Carr, KCB, QC, President of the Society.
(Selden Society Lecture delivered in the United States Court House, Washington, D.C., on August 30, 1960.)
ISBN 0 85423 009 2

The court of king’s bench in law and history.
George O. Sayles, MA, D.LITT, Burnett-Fletcher Professor of History, University of Aberdeen.
(Selden Society Lecture, March 1959).
ISBN 0 85423 070 X

Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, 1829–1894, and His Contribution to the Development of Criminal Law.
Leon Radzinowicz, LL.D., Director of the Department of Criminal Science and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
(Selden Society Lecture delivered July 30, 1957, during the 80th Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association.)
ISBN 0 85423 066 1

F. W. Maitland: a child’s-eye view.
Miss Ermengard Maitland.
(Issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of Professor Maitland’s death on December 19, 1956.)
ISBN 0 85423 032 7

Law and History in the l9th Century.
C. H. S. Fifoot, MA, FBA, Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford, Reader in Common Law in the Inns of Court.
(Lecture, March 13, 1956).
ISBN 0 85423 014 9

A Victorian law reformer’s correspondence.
Sir Cecil Carr, K.C.B., Q.C., F.B.A.
(Lecture, March 24, 1955.)
ISBN 0 85423 011 4

Sir William Searle Holdsworth, OM, 1871–1944.
A Memorial Address by A. L. Goodhart, KBE, QC, FBA, Master of University College, Oxford.
(Lecture, March 25, 1954).
ISBN 0 85423 018 1

Frederic William Maitland, 1850–1906.
A Memorial Address by Henry Arthur Hollond, Vice-Master of Trinity College, Cambridge,
Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of English Law, Honorary Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn.
(Lecture, March 18, 1953).
ISBN 0 85423 091 2 (out of print).

Sir Edward Coke, 1552–1952.
Samuel E. Thorne, Professor of Legal History, Harvard University.
(Lecture, March 17, 1952).
ISBN 0 85423 082 3